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Join The MostlyScience Team! | Science Communication

It’s never been a more important time to communicate science. Whether you are a researcher or student looking to increase your outreach and better practice for papers and proposals, if you are looking to join the fight against misinformation or just enjoy sharing and educating people about the exciting world of STEM.

As an example of why science blogging is still revelent, check out this article from Nature on communicating you science.

Here at MostlyScience we give you a venue to communicate and blog about your science for free. We handle the server, hosting, and all the technology and you are never under any pressure to blog or post on any regular schedule. We all know science gets busy. PhD milestones, grant applications, conference season, scientists are rarely left with free time. Write and communicate without the hassle of maintaining your own blog.

In world of ‘fake news’ where facts seem to matter less and less, getting real information without the hype is hard to find. If you are interested in joining us, have questions, just want to write a single post, or becoming a regular contributor give us a shout at and we can have a chat.

All areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, philosophy, education and more are welcome. We want to hear from you!

Our writers range from industry scientists to masters and PhD students. Representatives from NASA and also just some critical thinkers. Any Interest in science journalism and advocating science literacy is a good reason for you to pick up the pen (or keyboard) and jump right in to science communication. Hope to hear from you soon!

– The MostlyScience Team