Plant Microbiome and GMO's - Mostly Science Podcast - 21/05/2019 - Mostly Science

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Plant Microbiome and GMO’s – Mostly Science Podcast – 21/05/2019


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In this episode Wes talks with plant microbiome expert Susanna Harris and founder of PHDepression as they explore the wild world of bacteria that live with plants we encounter everyday.

It has become increasingly evident that, like animals, plants are not living alone, but rather are populated by a range of diverse microorganisms.

The roots of land plants thrive in soil, one of the richest and most diverse microbial reservoirs on Earth. It has been estimated that a single gram of soil contains thousands of different bacterial species, not to mention other microorganisms such as archaea, fungi, and protists. Perhaps not surprisingly, the establishment of interactions with these soil microbes represent a milestone for plants’ adaptation to their environment.

Susanna talks us through this microscopic world and about the importance of basic research. The applications of which can be used to help produce higher yields of crops and to allow for disease resistance without the need for dangerous agrochemincals.

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