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Reducing Your Risk of Cancer – MostlyScience Webcast – 10/06/2018


In this week’s episode Wes is joined by Dr. Katrina Brown to discuss her newest publication in the British Journal of Cancer that looks at modifiable risk factors for cancer in the United Kingdom. There are lots of way to look at and classify cancer. This work from Cancer Intelligence Team at Cancer Research UK makes the first separation as such: things we can control, and others that we can’t.

The latter includes things like random changes to our genes as we get older, or those that are passed down through families. By their nature, there’s not much we can do about these risks. But for the many causes we do have some control over, such as smoking, there’s a potentially life-saving chance to act.

Armed with information about what increases our risk, we can consider making changes that stack the odds of avoiding cancer in our favour. And politicians can see where action is needed most.

Dr. Browns work arms our society with the information required to make policy choices and lifestyle choices do decrease the amount of cancer our society faces.

From Cancer Research UK

You can read Dr. Brown’s Paper in British Journal of Cancer.

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