The Endangered White Abalone - MostlyScience Webcast - 20/05/2018 - Mostly Science

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The Endangered White Abalone – MostlyScience Webcast – 20/05/2018


In this Episode of MostlyScience, Wes is joined by Dr. Kristin Aquilino to learn all about the endangered sea snail known as the White Abalone. Kristin shares why these adorable little snails are so important in maintaining ecosystems and the troubles facing this species faces as overfishing for their tasty meat made them became the first marine invertebrate to be listed as an endangered species.

They are so rare that now wild populations are now unable to find each other in the ocean to reproduce, declining their numbers further and heading the species towards extinction. Kristin shares her work with us from the University of California, Davis, at the Bodega Marine Laboratory where she directs the White Abalone Captive Breeding Program. Her work endeavours to save this these snails and their habitats from new dangers as our oceans change.

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