• Logical Fallacy Question Time

    Logical Fallacy Question Time


    Recently a reader asked us the below question-   “I would like to know what fallacy this is: It cannot be proven that there are not other life forms living in the caves of Mars, therefore I cannot believe that there is no life on Mars.”   This is known as the “Argument from Ignorance” […]

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  • Hacking Health Toronto 2013

    Hacking Health Toronto 2013


    This past November I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Hacking Health hackathon right here in Toronto. The event brings together healthcare professionals and technology developers to collaborate and build solutions to existing health care problems.

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What Homeopathy is and the (il)logic of it all



Primary author: Nick K. Corresponding author: Christopher_NW. Image from http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/h/homeopathy.asp Today I have the pleasure of bringing you an article primarily authored by a good colleague of mine, Nick K. Nick’s research lies in understanding the fundamentals of the immune system. Apart from this information, Nick shall remain anonymous due to the inflammatory nature of […]

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